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Our professional experience before Interface

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We have experience in multisectoral governance, supporting networks and coalitions that bring together different interests around the same cause. We have concrete results in the creation and management of coalitions between companies, civil society, public entities, academia and the media. Our work resulted in the increase of visibility, awareness and mobilization of public opinion and decision makers around various causes, such as: social development policies, expansion of access to the national electricity transmission system, early childhood rights, oncology, vaccines, rare and genetic diseases.

Examples of organizations served: World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, Rede Nacional Primeira Infância, MSD, Biogen, Sterlite, Astellas among others.



We led various awareness campaigns to promote the public debate in areas such as rare and neurological diseases, vaccines, neonatal triage, oncology among others.

During the elaboration and implementation of these campaigns, we create the communication materials that support it, engage stakeholders, identify and train spokespersons and manage the implementation itself.


We monitor the results with appropriate methodologies and report in bilingual reports.

Examples of organizations served: MSD, PerkinElmer, Visa, Biogen, among others.

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We developed institutional relations capacity and training for representatives of the pharmaceutical, energy and IT sectors as well as human rights, health and environment NGOs and foundations. Our training has as results: spokespersons who are able to lead or debate in various agendas and carry out strategic communication with different public policy stakeholders.

Examples of organizations served: Ford Foundation, Brazilian Society of Urology, Saúde e Alegria Project, Unidos pela Cura Association, Novartis, among others.


We work with some of the largest international investors in renewable energies in large electric power generation and transmission projects, building bridges of communication and interaction with local communities & key public decision-makers.

We build communication strategies that inform in a clear and transparent way the positive and negative impacts of the projects, while also opening up listening channels for our clients to consider the real demands and expectations of the communities involved. This approach has a positive impact on environmental licensing and on the long-term relationship between the companies and communities involved.

Examples of organizations served: Sterlite, ICSK, among others.

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We prepare stakeholder and scenario mapping, risk assessment and impact matrix to develop likely scenarios and roadmap, crisis mitigation strategies and reputational defense.

We supported large human rights and environmental foundations and NGOs that were under reputational attacks by radical groups that promote fake news, as well as multinationals from the pharmaceutical and energy sectors.

Examples of organizations served: Ford Foundation, Astellas, Sterlite, Saúde e Alegria Project, among others.


We go beyond the simple monitoring of bills and environmental policies, we act directly to influence the elaboration of environmental public policies in the federal and state legislature and executive branches of power. We analyze and monitor market and regulatory highlights in important sectors such as insurance, renewable energy, information technology and food.

We provide in-depth analysis that integrate impact and engagement and positioning strategies to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities.

Examples of organizations served: Organization of American States (OAS), Zurich Insurance, Sterlite, Mars, Lilly, Amgen, among others.

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