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Image by Casey Horner

We are specialists in stakeholder management. We have been operating for over 15 years in project management in partnership with government, media and civil society. We offer solutions for organizations seeking support in institutional relations and ESG projects. Our experience in the areas of public affairs and communication gives us a differential in the ESG area of strategically engaging with stakeholders and generating operational and reputational capital.

Our approach to public affairs comprises different shades of institutional relations. We work with advocacy and government relations, engagement with the media and civil society. We have over 15 years of experience working in advocacy, public relations and direct political engagement.

For us, ESG are business practices that seek to increase the performance of companies towards sustainability, that is, to bring solutions that can make companies agents of human and socio-environmental development. Such practices can be present in all areas of the company, in its governance processes and relations with shareholders, HR management and diversity policies, work with communities affected by the business and in environmental management.

As consultants for over a decade, we bring many benefits to companies in key sectors. We are able to align reputational strategies with business performance, making the practice of public affairs and ESG more effective and closer to the core business.

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